Where can you browse to source the best home fragrance gifts around Alderley Edge?

Where near Alderley can your senses be treated to beautiful scents of every sort? Is there anywhere in our little enclave of Cheshire to view an abundance of gorgeous gifts, even personalised for somebody special or a variety of special occasions?


Just look at Cheshire Home Fragrance’s website – then once you’re totally tempted just pop down the A34 bypass. There, a short drive away, you’ll discover our blooming lovely little emporium of exquisitely scented candles and lots more home fragrance loveliness.

The Boulevard in Hazel Grove is off Chester Road and just a minute or two from Hazel Grove station, not too far from the A6 – but without the traffic and parking problems. Coming from Alderley or Wilmslow, you could even zip here via the back roads and Woodford. With ample parking right outside, Cheshire Home Fragrance is the perfect destination. Pop in, tantalise your senses and treat yourself to home fragrance products, an easy drive from Alderley. Choose and take away gifts the very same day – you’ll be spoiled for choice by our array of scents worthy of the most luxurious spas around. We have candles, diffusers, burners, and wax melts – and so much more.

Beautiful Scents Made with Love

Cheshire Home Fragrance is known for luxury home fragrance products – everything from fresh and fruity, to florals, to designer-inspired fragrances. There are scents to uplift and scents to relax, scents for every possible feeling and occasion.  Simply ask on any community group or search engine for ‘scented candles near me’ or ‘home fragrance gifts near me’ and we’re proud to say that Cheshire Home Fragrance will pop up frequently. Cheshire Home Fragrance luxury home fragrance gifts and scented candles are created right here in Cheshire.

Even better, Cheshire Home Fragrance also stocks lots more gorgeous gifts as well as greeting cards. Caroline, founder, owner and head candle maker – always looks to source more beautiful gifts and expand the range to ensure the perfect luxury gift can be found for everyone.

You’ll be spoiled for choice, from diminutive, scented candles – perfect gifts for a friend – to statuesque multi-wick scented candles which make an impressive centrepiece and every other kind of home fragrance product. We can also curate bespoke home fragrance gifts for anyone.


Cheshire’s Choice for Home Fragrance

Home fragrance gifts really do make perfect presents. Scents are powerful – they can bring back happy memories, ease anxieties, uplift or energise.  Our high-quality scented candles in a well-chosen fragrance will create a warm welcome and improve the ambiance of any home. Cheshire Home Fragrance products bring a real feeling of luxury and indulgence, so they’re a beautiful treat for someone special – but they are also really practical. Home fragrance products serve a real purpose.

We can even create personalised gifts and scented candles. Including someone’s name or occasion details show real thought in your gift. We can even customise corporate gifts. Imagine your Alderley Edge business’s logo on an elegant tin surrounding a beautifully scented candle. That makes a beautiful corporate gift which is also useful. Winner.

Call in and see us at Cheshire Home Fragrance today. We’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect scented candle or gorgeous home fragrance gifts.


The best home fragrance gifts near you in Wilmslow.

Pop down to Hazel Grove and have a look at all that Cheshire Home Fragrance have to offer.