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Love is in the Air. Literally

By February 9, 2024No Comments

Well, here we are, well into February already. Snowdrops are everywhere, the beautiful, brightly coloured crocuses are beginning to pop up, and a few hardy daffodils too. It won’t be long until Spring, but January wasn’t so bad, was it? It certainly didn’t seem quite so interminable as January often can be. Although, in fairness, it’s hard to be miserable when you do what you love. And when doing what you love involves being surrounded by beautiful, evocative fragrances it’s nigh on impossible!

First, a Thank You

Hopefully, the countless local – and not so local, too – ladies and gents whose friends, partners, and families chose Cheshire Home Fragrance gifts for them feel the same. Thank you, everyone, for choosing us for Christmas gifts. There really can be no greater recommendation. And I know your recipients loved them because they tell me so! It would appear that the ‘Christmas at the [family name]…’ candles went down really well.

Remember, gifting isn’t just for Christmas! Going back to what I said earlier about ‘doing what you love’, how bloomin’ lovely is it that everyone else loves what we do, too?

Gifts Made with Love

If you’d like a bit of that love in your Valentine’s Day – and, let’s face it, who doesn’t? – feast your eyes on our Valentine range and get ready to delight your other senses, too:

Our Love Spell Valentine Hamper contains a pretty jar of our mini heart wax melts in either Aphrodite or Solaris Noir fragrances, a wax melt burner, a heart-shaped chocolate lolly (perfect for sharing) and – get this – a Love Spell in a Box, which contains 3 magic spell candles, and a candle holder. The instructions advise you to focus on your intention, say it out loud, then meditate and manifest your intention. The Valentine Hamper is also available with the Little Jar of Love theme. Little Jars of Love – I mean, it even SOUNDS lovely! – are also available separately, for those who just want a little something.

If you want something a little less overtly romantic, our personalised candles are simply perfect. In an unbelievably broad range of delectable fragrances – frilly and floral, relaxing, uplifting, and downright blokey, from Aventos (Creed) to Vetiver and with approximately thirty more besides, there really is something for everyone.

Gifts for Everyone

And sometimes, you just want to show a little love to your friends and family, too. Our popular Sentiment candles – that really should be Scent-iment, shouldn’t it? – are ideal. Illustrated with various thoughtful sentiments in an elegant script, and available in our range of lots and lots of lovely scents, this is a gift that keeps on giving. There are several designs including birthday and new home gifts. Talking of perfect gifts, our Five Wick candles are back in store. These look absolutely stunning and, obviously, smell stunning, too!

And here’s a tip, girls (or boys, or anyone else at all – there are no limitations on beautiful scents and equally beautiful Valentine’s treats): Use your partner’s phone, iPad or laptop to browse our website. Maybe even *add to basket*. Then, be sure to leave the page open. How’s that for a subtle hint? And it’s not sneaky; not really. You’re actually being helpful. Honest! Of course, you could just ask outright – or better still, bring them to our lovely shop and choose together. That way, you also get to admire our new Valentine window art, in the flesh!

More to Love at Cheshire Home Fragrance

We’re adding new ranges and new products all the time. We are now stocking greetings cards again, so you can call in for your gifts and cards in one go. We went to the Spring Fair earlier this month, to source more exquisite gift items for our pick and mix gift boxes. These have been so popular; it makes sense to extend the range even further. We also came away with lots of ideas and fantastic products that will beautifully complement our Home Fragrance range.

Yay, not only am I doing what I love for a business, but I get to go shopping and call it work! Lots of my friends and associates who run their own businesses do what they do because they love it, too. Running your own business is challenging work, it’s demanding, and all too often it’s downright hard. Nonetheless, doing what you love makes the blood, sweat, tears (and let’s face it, eyewatering investment) all worth it.

What do you love? Do you ‘do’ what you love? We’d love to hear from you… Connect with us on Facebook.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our lovely showroom, where you can see – and more to the point, sniff – for yourself what we do.

Cheshire Home Fragrance luxury fragranced soy wax melts, candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and other home fragrance products are made with love, right here in Cheshire.

We can’t wait to see you. Contact us today or call in. You’ll love it!




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