12 Wildflower Seed Balls in Gift Box – Butterfly & Bee Friendly


12 Wild Flower Seed Balls in Gift Box

Bring outdoor spaces to life with blooms of colour from these wildflower seed balls which can be scattered in the garden or planted in pots.

Each individual box contains 12 seedballs made up of 400 seeds to help your garden flourish.

Bee & Butterfly friendly wildflowers in balls made from clay, peat free compost and chilli powder.

Cornflower, Red Campion, Oxeye Daisy, Musk Mallow & Meadow Cranesbill

When to Plant – best scattered in Spring or Autumn.

How to Plant – Simply scatter onto bare sold.  Seeds are naturally protected from being eaten by birds and insects.  Seeds germinate in 2-4 weeks.

Made in the UK.

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